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User Agreement

Subsequent to submission of supporting information and any requirements for access to data from Requestor, and based on approval being received from Biogen to Requestor; following approval of a research proposal, access is provided only after Biogen receives a signed Data Sharing Agreement from the Requestor. Requirements the Requestor will be required to adhere to include:

  1. Only use the data for the agreed research purpose and not to download or transfer the data for any other use that is not in-scope and specifically outlined with the Research Proposal, Statistical Analysis Plan, or Data Sharing Agreement
    1. Changes to the research purpose are only valid if captured in a new or Amended Data Sharing Agreement
  2. Disclose any potential Conflicts of Interest that the Requestor may have knowledge
  3. Protection and safeguarding of the privacy and confidentiality of research participants, their guardians, associations et al as applicable; the researchers must not in any way attempt to establish the individual identities of research participants et al
  4. Obtain any regulatory or ethics approvals as applicable or necessary to conduct the research
  5. Inform Biogen forthwith of any and all safety concerns upon finding
  6. A good faith attempt to seek publication of the research in a peer reviewed journal without disclosing any of the data and information provided
  7. Include in the publication a description of the strengths and weaknesses of the analysis.
  8. Make available to Biogen an exact copy of any public disclosure of the results, including a copy of the manuscript prior to any submission to a peer reviewed journal and the citation after publication
  9. Provide other researchers with additional details of the analysis on request.
  10. Grant permissions to Biogen to use any invention coming out of the research, free of charge and throughout the world derived from Researchers use, access of Biogen data in addition to any legally binding agreement which affirms that the analyses conducted by the Requestor will not now or at any point in the future be used by the Requestor for commercial purposes without prior written permission from Biogen
  11. Requestor must confirm that Requestor does not have, and does not plan, or isn’t now planning to have, any other agreements which would prevent Requestor from complying with the terms of the Data Sharing Agreement
  12. Complete analysis in a given period of time, (e.g., 12 months of access) to be confirmed within the final executed Data Sharing Agreement between Biogen and Requestor
  13. Requestor will not share, disclose or make available in any way or format data accessed with anyone else outside of the research team identified in the proposal
  14. Any other terms that are required and detailed within the Data Sharing Agreement